Psychic Kate Jeffers teams up with a bouncer, a lady with a disreputable past, and the Atlanta police to solve a current kidnapping as well as a thirteen-year-old cold case. At the same time, Kate and her friends grapple with their disastrous love-lives. Although written with humor, this book takes a serious look at what makes people tick.
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Book Reviews

Great book! If you enjoy fast paced reading with suspense, great characters and humor, this is the book for you!

Awesome book!!! – Mary Jean Joslin

Book Reviews

Closure is a mystery that’s part thriller/ part comedy. Elizabeth Rea creates memorable characters in this first-in-the-series book. Heroine Kate Jeffers turns Atlanta upside-down as she uses her talents to assist the Metro Police. You’ll be looking for Rea’s next Kate Jeffers novel as soon as you finish reading Closure. If you like Evanovich and Grafton, you’ll love this book.

Perfect Summer Read! – Liz Bates


Elizabeth Rea is a retired teacher, has a background in psychology and counseling. This training, combined with a wacky sense of the absurd, allows her to write humorous tales and delve into the psyches of her complex characters.

A beloved coach is dead. Was this just an unfortunate accident or was foul play involved? Kate and her colorful side-kicks are called into action again and travel to a small town east of Atlanta. The team gets up to all kinds of mischief and Kate’s life is even threatened twice in the same day. You’ll laugh out loud when she goes dumpster-diving for clues and you’ll be rooting for the underdogs in this tale!


In spite of its humorous scenes, this book takes a serious look at some of the issues with teen sports programs. You do not want ‘what happened in Conroy’ to ever happen in your home town!

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